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Dog Health - Information and Resources to Help Keep Your Dog Healthy | Great Dog Breeder Websites

Dog Health - Information and Resources to Help Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dog Health - Information and Resources to Help Keep Your Dog Healthy
Posted on : April 10, 2008
Dog Health Food - Do You Know What Really Goes Into Your Dachshund's Food?
Dog Health Food – Is Your Dachshund Being Accidentally Poisoned?

Dog health food could add years to the life of your
Dachshund. By making sure that your dog is not eating toxic
additives they'll have more energy and vitality.

With companies around the world looking for ways to
increase their profits, you have to question if they are
going to justify the expense of high quality ingredients.
With many sources of cheap protein available now, who knows
how it was produced, under what conditions and if it even
has any real nutritional value for your dog?

With so many cases of profits being put before the health
of humans, what is being done to our beloved dogs? By
taking waste products from human food production and
putting them in to dog food, there has been a huge increase
in diet related health problems in recent years.

In 2007 over 100 different brands of dog food were recalled
after contaminated ingredients caused the deaths of a
number of dogs and made many more very ill. Eventually it
was found to be melamine in rice protein and wheat gluten,
from a factory in China. This means that there could be
anything in your dog food no matter what the standards are
in the US factory. Also there is very little nourishment in
these grains for dogs. Usually it's just a filler to add
bulk to the food.

Recently there was a case of melamine being found in milk
powder that had been produced under the much stricter human
food production standards. This leads me to think that it's
only a matter of time before there's another contaminated
batch of dog food released, and I certainly don't want to
have my puppy suffer as a result of not taking action. We
now need to be aware of how safe the food we are feeding to
our dog is, not just if it has the right nutrition in it.

Now we have to have a look at the actual nutritional value
of your dog food. More and more it's becoming accepted
practice to bulk out dog food with rice and corn proteins.
These proteins are an unusable by product of the human food
industry, until someone realised that they would fall under
the definition of protein and could therefore be added to
dog food. While plant proteins are fine, there just isn't a
lot of nutrition for a dog. Even if they were whole
proteins rather than the highly processed ones that are
added, a very small amount would be sufficient for a dogs
diet. However, there is all to often more plant protein
than animal. This isn't going to help your Dachshund stay
healthy and free of disease.

Lately fish protein is being hailed as a great source of
protein, which is true. However, along with that protein
comes a toxic preservative that has been linked to severe
allergies and cancer. So be wary of fish meal in your dog

This is just the start of what could be going into the food
that your Dachshund is eating every day. By learning about
dog health food you could add years of life to your best
friend. If you make it yourself you will know exactly what
is in your dog's food, and best of all it's great fun.

About the Author:

Did you know that not being aware of what goes into your
Dachshund?s food could be making them sick and could even
rob years from your best friend?s life. To find out
exactly what goes into dog food and how to make your own
delicious dog health food, subscribe to our newsletter,
chock full of great tips to make your dog?s life a long and
healthy one. Click here

FAQs About H1N1 Influenza Virus and Pets
 FAQs About H1N1 and Pets

The H1N1 influenza virus has received publicity worldwide
and has researchers, health care officials and health care
providers all scrambling for vaccines, treatments and
general information about the disease. More recently, it
has become evident that this virus can also affect our
pets, leaving many pet owners concerned about the health of
their dogs, cats and other animals and asking questions
about how to deal with the situation.

What is the H1N1 influenza virus? The H1N1 influenza virus
is the virus responsible for the flu strain originally
known as "swine flu". The infection has been diagnosed
throughout the world. Flu-like respiratory symptoms are the
most common sign of the disease. However, complications can
occur with this influenza strain and it has been deadly for
a great number of people worldwide.

Which species of pets can become infected with the H1N1
virus? As of December 1, 2009, the H1N1 influenza virus is
known to be able to infect dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs and
turkeys. Other species may also be found to susceptible in
time. This is an emerging disease with new information
becoming available on a regular basis.

What type of symptoms should I watch for in my pet?
Flu-like respiratory symptoms are characteristic of H1N1
infection. Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, heavy breathing
and/or a nasal discharge may be seen. As with people, it is
possible for complications to occur causing the virus to be
fatal to pets. For this reason, it is vital that your pet
be examined by a veterinarian if any of these symptoms are
noted. Because there are numerous other diseases which may
cause similar symptoms, diagnostic testing may need to be
performed to properly identify the cause of your pet's

Should pet owners consider getting rid of their pets? No,
there is no need to panic. It is obvious that the H1N1
strain of virus can be passed from people to pets.
Infections have occurred in this manner for most if not all
of the sick pets. However, we do not know whether the virus
can be passed from pets to people or how likely this is to
occur. Either way, the danger of exposure to the virus from
your pet is no greater than the danger of exposure from
other people.

How can pet owners protect their pets? Pet owners should
monitor their pet's health closely and have their pet
examined by a veterinarian if respiratory symptoms such as
coughing, sneezing, wheezing or a runny nose develop.
Adequate hygiene and sanitation, including washing your
hands frequently and covering your cough, will help protect
your pet in the same way it helps protect other people. If
possible, avoid contact between your pet and sick people,
especially those with flu-like symptoms.

Is it safe to eat pork or poultry since these species have
been found infected with H1N1? Yes, there is no reason to
believe that there is any danger from eating pork or
poultry which is properly prepared and thoroughly cooked.
Proper preparation of the food and hygienic food handling
techniques remain important, as always, to prevent
food-borne disease of any type.

I've heard some wild animals may be infected. Is it safe to
visit zoos or wildlife parks? There is a report of a
cheetah which may have been infected with the H1N1 virus.
However, there is no need to avoid visiting wildlife parks
or zoos.

What else is known about the H1N1 virus? The H1N1 virus was
originally dubbed "swine flu" because of its resemblance to
the influenza virus that infects pigs. It also bears
similarities to other strains of influenza viruses which
infect people and avian species. However, it is distinctly
different than other strains of virus and is unique.

Why is it so worrisome that this virus can infect so many
different animal species? Researchers and health officials
are concerned that the ability to infect many different
species will give this strain of influenza virus access to
an extremely wide gene pool which could increase its
ability to mutate into a much more virulent strain of
influenza, potentially becoming more deadly than it is
currently. Influenza viruses in general are well-known for
their ability to mutate easily and quickly.

About the Author:

Lorie Huston is a pet health and pet care expert and has
been a practicing veterinarian since 1986. She is the
feature writer for pet care at and is the
National Pet Health Examiner at Her blog, the
Pet Health Care Gazette, can be found at


Your Dog and Garlic - Dispelling the myths

The Power of Garlic and your Dog

I am passionate about whole foods both for myself and my
dogs. One of the great unsung heroes of the canine
nutrition world is garlic. Yes that magical little clove
that spices up your tomato sauce now brings all of its
glorious powers to your dog's meals.Learn why I use it when
I cook for both my family and my furry babies. For healthy
benefits beyond parallel I only have one thing to say. Ahh

For centuries garlic has been used as a blood tonic. There
has recently been controversy over feeding dogs garlic.
Too much can cause a disease called hemolytic anemia. Too
much, means 50 cloves at one time - that is too much for
anyone! Conservative use of one or 2 cloves per 50lb dog a
few times a week has so many benefits. Now even the AAFCO
(American Association of Feed Control Officials) recognizes
garlic as safe. The AAFCO gathers information from
professional toxicologists from the entire US and is
responsible for monitoring the safety of animal feed

Let's look at some of the amazing natural health benefits
of garlic. it has pronounced effects on multiple organ
systems. For the skin, it makes its way through sweat
glands and pores. Garlic is a very effective natural
deterrent against fleas, ticks and mosquitos. With them
being 10,000 times more sensitive to its smell than humans.
How great is that? No more flea powder just human grade
dog food with garlic. For the stomach, garlic triggers
gastric juices for better digestion and promotes the growth
of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. It also has
the ability to help regulate blood sugar and reduces
cholesterol and triglycerides while purifying the liver by
helping with detoxification. Garlic also contains the
powerful antioxidant, selenium. Selenium activates
enzymes, which protect against cancer. Cancer is the
leading cause of non-accidental deaths in dogs. The
National Cancer Institute has found garlic to be effective
in slowing the growth of cancer cells.

In summary, we can see that garlic stimulates immunity. It
has antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral
properties. It also aids in digestion and detoxification

Whether it is garlic and people or garlic and your dog, the
power of nature is seen again in the wonderful effects of
garlic. The best way to receive these benefits is through
eating a diet rich in whole, natural, unprocessed foods.
Dogs, like people, live longer when fed human grade dog
foods that contain vitamins, minerals and real ingredients
like natural garlic. It is a simple thing to do to add to
the health and vitality of your canine family! And it
tastes great too!

Dr. Janice Elenbaas

Always remember, Health comes from the inside out!

About the Author:

The first woman in Canada certified to perform Chiropractic
on animals, DR. JANICE ELENBAAS DC is a long time advocate
for "whole foods" for both people and pets. Her passion for
dogs is evident in her work as CEO of Lucky Dog Cuisine, a
company that makes all natural "human grade" meals for
dogs. To receive her FREE INFOSERIES on dog nutrition
please follow =>


Dog Health Food - Could There Be Poisons In Your Beagles Food?

Dog Health Food – What Additives Could Be Going Into Your Beagle's Food?

Today more than ever dog health food is a vital key to
keeping your Beagle healthy and free from disease. It can
be hard to find out exactly what really goes into dog food
with less strict labeling laws than on human food.

Contaminated dog food can be in circulation for months
before it gets picked up, and often it's only when there's
a number of dogs getting sick and dying from the food that
a recall is issued. Often quality is being sacrificed for
the sake of profits.

In a bid to increase profits, many dog food manufacturers
are using cheap by products from human food production and
adding it as a protein source. This is can do your dog a
lot of harm over the long term, leading to allergies and
other chronic health issues.

In 2007, over 100 different types of dog food were recalled
after melamine, which is a type of plastic, was found in
many batches. Eventually the food was found to be tainted
from imported rice protein. There are large questions about
whether there is really any nutritional value in rice
protein for dogs in the first place. But what this really
means is that there is a chance that anything could end up
in our dog food.

You may be thinking that this happened in China so I won't
affect you, but many companies around the world are using
imported ingredients from China and other countries that
don't have the same regulation of their food products that
we do in the western world. And when you think that
contaminated milk powder was found recently, it's really
only a matter of time before it happens again.

Even if there's no accidental contamination, your Beagle
could still be at risk from additives that are put into the
dog food, before it reaches the factory. Ethoxyquin is
routinely added to fish meal. Fish meal is then often
promoted as a healthy form of protein. However they neglect
to mention that ethoxyquin has been linked to serious
allergic reactions, cancer and liver failure in dogs. And
that it has been banned for human consumption for decades.

So have a quick look and see if your dog food has fish meal
in it. And just think that if it's present then every meal
your dog has is going to have a dose of carcinogen.

For the sake of your Beagle and it's long term health, you
really need to get educated about dog health food. It is
our responsibility to know what is going into our dog's
food and to make sure that there are no toxic additives. or
preservatives. We all want our best friend's to live a long
and healthy life and it's not hard with a bit of knowledge.

About the Author:

How would you feel if your dog died at a young age and it
was completely preventable? We need to know what goes into
the food that we feed our dogs and if it's making them
sick. Our dog health food newsletter is chock full of tips
for healthy eating, delicious recipes and information about
what really goes into commercial dog food. Click here to


Dog Health Food - Don't Let Your Yorkshire Terrier Suffer From Eating Cheap, Low Quality Foods
Dog Health Food – Feeding Your Yorkshire Terrier The Wrong Food Could Be Deadly

If your Yorkshire Terrier isn't eating dog health food,
they could be at risk from the side effects of toxic
additives to commercial food. Being unaware of the real
ingredients could be dooming your best friend to an early

Who knows what could be in the next batch of dog food? What
about the actual nutritional content of the food? Most
companies are looking at ways to boost their profits and a
cheaper source of ingredients might be a great way to make
more money, but it's unlikely to be the best thing for your

More and more dog food companies are looking for cheaper
options to make up the protein requirement of their food.
Cast off protein from rice and what production that has no
nutritional value is often added to bulk out the food.

2007 saw a widespread recall of dog food after melamine (a
type of plastic) was found. Over 100 types of dog food were
affected by this recall and it took months to trace the
tainted ingredients to an overseas supplier of rice and
wheat protein. This shows that it doesn't matter what
standard the US based manufacturer has if they are
receiving tainted products from off shore. And that's
leaving aside the fact that rice protein has almost no
nourishment for dogs!

This may have happened a couple of years ago, but when
could it happen again? Even this year there was a case of
milk powder, produced under stricter human food standards,
that had melamine in it. It's just a matter of when it
happens again. I don't want my best friend to suffer
because dog food companies want to boost their profits. Now
we not only need to make sure our dogs have the right
nutrition, but we also need to make sure that their food is
free from toxic contaminants.

Apart from the occasional, accidental toxin that may get
into your Yorkshire Terrier's food, what other nasties are
routinely being added? Often there?s a preservative called
ethoxyquin that gets into dog food through fish meal. This
means that this preservative is almost certainly in your
dog food is it has fish meal, but it won?t be listed. And
ethoxyquin has been linked to many serious and life
threatening diseases including cancer and liver failure.

Just have a quick look and see if fish meal is in your
dog's food, sometimes it'll be promoted as a great healthy
option. Fish is a great source of protein and essential
oils, but when it comes with a potentially carcinogenic
additive, it's really not worth it.

This is just the tip of the ice berg and if you really want
to make sure your Yorkshire Terrier has a long and healthy
life, then you need to learn about dog health food. It's
very easy and often cheaper to make your own food so that
you know exactly what is going into it. This is something
that you should really consider as a vital component to
keeping your best friend healthy and happy for years to

About the Author:

Did you know that not being aware of what goes into your
dog's food could be making them sick and could even rob
years from your best friend's life. To find out exactly
what goes into dog food and how to make your own delicious
dog health food, subscribe to our newsletter, chock full of
great tips to make your dog's life a long and healthy one.
Click here

How the Proper Dog Pet Care Can Make a Difference for Your Faithful Friend
 How the Proper Dog Pet Care Can Make a Difference for Your Faithful Friend

Dogs are social animals that have always run to greet us
and wait patiently for our return, but more than that, they
have worked with humans for thousands of years. They have
played an important role in many different cultures. Since
dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and loyalty,
it is important to train and care for them with the proper
dog pet care.

Dog pet care is all about demonstrating love, compassion
and responsibility. Good dogs, after all must be trained
to be good dogs. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog,
he can still benefit from being properly trained.

In spite of the importance that we understandably attach to
dogs, many dog owners find it can be hard when it come to
dog pet care and in training in particular. Responsible
dog owners need to make sure to feed, housebreak, and clean
their dogs, since dog caring is important for his health
and well being.

Dog pet care essentials include the dog care tips:

Dog Care Tip 1 - Always providing your dog with fresh clean
drinking water that is always available. You can use large
stainless steel bowl or even the automatic drinking bowls
if you work and can't be around to feed them during the day.

Dog Care Tip 2 - You should make sure that you give your
dog or puppy a good nutritional diet that is well balanced.
Consult with a veterinarian on just what a diet your dog
should have and how often he should be fed.

Dog Care Tip 3 - All dogs and puppies need exercise, so you
should see to it that he gets enough to be physically fit.
You should also as your veterinarian how much exercise to
give him.

Dog Care Tip 4 - As part of good dog pet care you want to
feed your dog quality dog food, even if it is somewhat
higher priced. Lower priced dog food may not give your dog
the healthy look of a shiny coat and bright eyes.

Dogs can be very much like their owners, and will often
behave in many of the same ways, they are also like small
children, and you will have to treat them like children.

As with children dogs and especially puppies should not be
left alone and extended periods of time, since they will
have a tendency to get into trouble. When you have to leave
your dog at home alone, you must set aside a designated
area with boundaries. Leave them with some chew toys or
other items that will keep them occupied.

Have you dog checked out regularly with veterinarian visits
and make sure he gets all of his necessary vaccinations.
Because of the problem of dog overpopulation, you should
also spay and neuter him.

Another aspect of dog pet care is to be sure you enter your
dog in some good dog training instruction like that found
in the Secrets to Dog Training download package,
recommended by experts. The benefits of training your dog
include being able to control your dog's behavior and it
can even improve the bond between the two of you. How you
choose to train your dog in very important. You want him
to be a dog you can take for a walk with out worrying about
him getting out of control. Also don't forget to praise
and reward him when he behaves properly.

Remember that caring for your 'social animal' can be
difficult sometimes but keep in mind that with proper dog
caring, love and dog training your friend and companion
will likely love you unconditionally for life.

About the Author:

J. Mahoney is the owner of Dog Trainers Just
feel free to visit ,
where you will find a resource providing you with advice on
all aspects of dog training, house training and dog health.
If you want to find more info on Dog Pet Care, visit .


Dog Food Suppliers For Everyone That Needs Convenience
 Dog Food Suppliers For Everyone That Needs Convenience

If you have a pet pooch, it is essential that you feed it
good quality food. Pets don't deserve to be treated any
differently to a human being, and the food they eat should
be tailored to a dog's needs providing them with the
vitamins and nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy and
live a long and fulfilling life.

The Dog Food Supplier That Tries Harder

There are a wide range of dog food suppliers out there, but
not all of them offer the right food for dogs. Some just
offer a quick and easy solution to feeding you dog,
omitting key nutrients that the dog needs. What you need is
a dog food supplier that ensures your dog is being fed
healthy and nutritious foods. In addition to this, you want
a dog food supplier that offers good value for money.

Fresh Meat or Dry Dog Food?

With the recession still in full flow, pet owners are even
more conscious about the money they spend on things like
dog food. Naturally, you want your pet to eat well, but you
don't want to make yourself bankrupt in the process. Pet
owners that insist on feeding their dogs fresh meat each
day are lucky they can afford to do that, but for the
majority of us, its about finding a dog food supplier that
provides packaged food that can be fed on a daily basis.
Dried dog food is still very popular in the UK and the US,
although it is estimated that UK pet owners are more
inclined to go down the pre-packaged dog food route. It
offers convenience and provides much better value for
money. Plus, if you buy in bulk you will find that you can
get a really good deal on the brands your pooch loves from
the dog food supplier of your choice.

Get A Good Deal

Of course, you need to feed your dog, but spending copious
amounts of money on fresh meat isn't necessary when there
are some suitable dog food suppliers out there that offer
great value for money when you need it most. The recession
isn't over yet and money is tight for some people. A good
tip is to find dog food suppliers that give free delivery
with each order over a certain amount. Also, many suppliers
are now offering free samples for your dog to try, so you
can test whether or not your pet likes the new food you
have in mind. This is a great incentive.

About the Author:

Don't keep looking for the best dog food supplier, as you
have just found the very best here - Burgess Pet Foods is a
leading UK pet food provider. Visit the website today:


Promote Good Dog Health With These Helpful Dog Grooming Tips
 Promote Good Dog Health With These Helpful Dog Grooming Tips
A shiny coat on a dog means more than just looks and good
dog grooming, although it certainly begins with that. Take
a look at your dog, does he have a shiny healthy looking

Grooming sessions can be a great opportunity for bonding
with your dog and to examine his health too. Some dog
grooming tips include seeing if your dog has a shiny
lustrous coat of fur, as should be an indication that you
dog is in good health. Proper dog grooming is very
important in promoting good health in you dog.

Maintaining a Shiny Coat with Dog Grooming

With this dog grooming tip, good dog health begins with
good dog grooming. You must groom your dog everyday if you
want him to have a healthy coat of fur. It is not
necessary to bathe him everyday, however. Bathing your dog
just once a week should suffice, or maybe once every two
days if you have a dog that has longer or thicker fur.

How to Bathe Your Dog

A useful dog grooming tip is when you are bathing your dog,
wet him completely with a hose or a detachable shower head.
Then applying dog shampoo work up a lather, going all the
way from his chest to the top of his head, then go down his
back and tail and then his legs. While applying the
shampoo, take care not to get any shampoo in his eyes or

Another dog grooming tip is to use a dog shampoo that has
been formulated for dogs, not your own shampoo. Shampoo
designed for human hair can be harsh and irritating to a
dog's skin. Dog shampoo is designed for the sensitivity of
the skin and fur of dogs. Besides a general dog shampoo,
you can also use medicated shampoo for skin conditions, or
a flea shampoo or rinse.

You should rinse your dog thoroughly after you have
shampooing and conditioning his fur. This is because if
even a small amount of soap remains on the dog it can lead
to severe irritation of his skin that could lead to eczema.

After Your Dog's Bath

When you are finished bathing your dog, make sure to dry
him thoroughly by using a towel to pat all the excess water
out of his fur. If your dog has short hair, you can simply
allow him to air-dry his fur out. But if have a dog with
thick or long fur, you may need to dry his fur out with the
use of a hair dryer instead. You should comb out any loose
and matted and tangled hair with a fine-tooth metal comb.
This will get rid of any burs, ticks or fleas. This should
be done every day whether you a bathing your dog that day
or not.

Beyond Grooming

One more dog grooming tip having to do with a dog's shinny
coat. While having a shinny coat of fur for you dog is
highly desirable for you dog's appearance the shinny coat
is also a good indicator of good dog health too.

Good nutrition also plays a large role towards promoting
good dog health. If a dog gets all the nutrients that his
body needs, then definitely he will get a shiny coat.

There are some cheap dog food brands out there, but they
are made up of low-quality ingredients. So to be sure that
your dog is eating good food, do not skimp on quality dog
food. You can also cook up your own dog food to feed your

If after regular dog grooming and regular feeding of
high-quality food and your dog still does not display a
shiny coat, it means that there is something else that is
wrong with his system. Your dog may not be as in high a
level of good health than you may have guessed. In this
case, it is time to go to the vet.

As you can see good dog grooming goes hand in hand with
watching out for your dog's health and nutritional needs if
you want to enjoy your loyal companion for many years.

About the Author:

J. Mahoney is the owner of Dog Trainers Just
feel free to visit ,
where you will find a resource providing you with advice on
all aspects of dog training, house training and dog health.
If you want to find more info on Dog Grooming Tips, visit .

[article_announce] Information about Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas and their history

You've seen Chihuahuas in the movies with celebrities like
Reese Witherspoon. She carried her pet dog in a little
tote. These dogs can be fun to own.

Techichi dogs hunted in packs. Their traces can only go
back to as the 9th century but it is very much possible
that this kind is the native Mexican ancestor of the
Chihuahua. The Aztecs, who conquered the Toltecs, believed
that the Techichi dogs possess mystical powers. Where size
is concerned, the Chihuahua at present times is much
smaller compared to its ancestors. This change was thought
to be the result of the Spanish bringing miniaturized
Chinese dogs into South America. In 1850, this particular
breed was found near Casas Grandes in Chihuahua, Mexico.
This Mexican state serves as borders for Arizona, Texas and
New Mexico, places where Chihuahuas first became prominent
and were developed in the North America.

There are many variations in height with the Chihuahuas.
Generally, the Chihuahua's height would range from 6-10
inches, however, some of these dogs can grow tall and reach
up to 12-15 inches. The standard weight for these dogs
range from 4-7 pounds but if they are allowed to become
overweight or if they have larger structures, then they
could weigh up to 10 pounds or more. For their colors and
spotting, the standard list includes solid colors of black
and white, Dalmatian spotting, extreme black spotting, and
other varieties of patterns and colors like Blue which is
considered very rare, Chocolate, Cream, Fawn and Red.
Combinations of these patterns and colors can greatly
affect each other, which will then result to a higher
degree of variation.

Being naturally protective and defensive, Chihuahuas are
easily provoked and they do not always go well with other
breeds, which are the reasons why they are not generally
suitable for homes and households, especially those with
small, rowdy children. These dogs can be overly hyper and
energetic but are easy to please. They love to be petted
and will sit in your lap for hours. They can be yappy dogs,
but with constant proper training, they can acquire a fine,
terrier-like attitude.

Chihuahuas are not fit to become pets of small children
because of their small size, temperament, and have a
tendency to bite and hurt when they are frightened. It is
very much recommended that children should be of school age
or even older when adding and taking care of a Chihuahua
inside their home. Also, keep in mind that Chihuahuas focus
their loyalty and devotion on one single person alone, so
they tend to become overly jealous of the other human
relationships that his owner might have. This can be toned
down through socialization. Chihuahuas like to be around
other dogs of their species.

About the Author:

If you are tired of those dull-looking checks, make your
checks look good by adding photos or images of Chihuahua's
on them. These cute dogs will surely make your day every
time you open your checkbook. Now wouldn't that be nice?
Get Chihuahua checks today and make your personalized
checks look as good as those greens!


[article_announce] Prada, The History of

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Title: Prada, The History of

Word Count: 611
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Prada, The History of

The roots of the Fashion House Prada can be traced back to
1913 when Mario Prada began designing and selling
handbags, shoes, trunks, and suitcases though two boutiques
in Milan with clientele across Europe and the United
States. The original Prada Signature suitcases were both
exotic and distinctive in appearance. Made from heavy
walrus skin the advent of air travel as the more popular
means of travel rendered the heavy and cumbersome Prada
suitcases obsolete. At this point Prada began designing
more practical suitcases and accessories utilizing lighter
and more luxurious leathers.

In 1978, Mario's granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, took over
the company. Miuccia was a former mime ( and one time
Communist )who had spent five years studying at Milan's
Teatro Piccolo, and had a PhD in political science.
Although her qualifications did not seem fitted to the
design industry, her sense of fashion was unmistakable. The
Prada label was still predominantly a leather goods
manufacturer at this point, and had been struggling
financially for several years. Competition from other
fashion houses like Gucci had taken its toll. Miuccia's
efforts were vital in reversing their financial downturn
and in steering the House of Prada in the direction of
haute couture.

In 1979 the Prada brand tasted commercial success with a
line of backpacks and luxury totes made from black nylon.
Although sales were slow at first, these would pave the way
for new lines of shoes, the iconic and sought after Prada
handbags of 1985.

The black nylon handbags introduced by Prada in the early
1980's were a huge hit, and were carried by many Hollywood
Stars. This in itself created a demand for Prada Handbags
by women wishing to envelop the look and style of their
favourite Hollywood icons.

1986 Miuccia released both an extensive line of women's
footwear and her first clothing line utilizing only the
highest quality materials. Her clothing line quickly gained
her and the company a large amount of fame, and the company
came to be known for elegant garments that were under-stated

A successful menswear collection was added in the 90s and
the Miu Miu clothing brand launched in 1992. The Miu Miu
line was targeted towards the younger consumer and offered
more affordable garments and accessories.

In 1993 Miuccia won an International CFDA (Council of
Fashion Designers of America) award and in 1995 she was
presented with won the "Designer of the Year" Award. These
awards further added to the prestige of the Prada name.

Since the opening of its Milan boutiques, many more stores
have opened in cities throughout the world, including New
York, Paris, Toronto, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Tokyo and
Sydney as well as 7 stores in China. Many of the Prada
flagship stores were designed by notable architects.

Prada wear is normally practical yet fashionable, simple
and luxurious, somewhat removed from other fashion brands
in its celebration of an almost working class aesthetic.
Prada designs, often created in basic blacks, grays, greens
and creams are readily accessorized with other Prada
apparel and accessories. Prada clothing lines are widely
influential Despite being one of the smaller fashion
houses, Prada goods are viewed as a symbol of status and
are extremely popular.

Together with Gucci and Calvin Klein, Prada traditionally
casts previously unknown models for their runway fashion
shows, singling out one model to open the show. This
opening Prada spot is among the most sought after in the
modeling world, as many of these new faces continue on to
further success.

Although they have experienced monumental financial ups and
downs over the years, Prada is now a worldwide empire,
with stores in practically every country in the western
world. The name Prada is synonymous with prestige and

About the Author:

Trevor Eastveld is an online marketer and owner of the
World's Largest Online Replica Designer Handbag Site.

This article is distributed on behalf of the author by is a trading name of Takanomi Limited.
Takanomi Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Registered number: 5629683. Registered office: 31 St Saviourgate, York YO1 8NQ.
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[article_announce] How To Set Your Internet Business Goals...

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Title: Have You Set Your Online Business Goals?

Word Count: 524
Author: David Hurley
Category: Internet Marketing/Online Business
Article URL:

The article is preformatted to 60CPL.

Have You Set Your Online Business Goals?

Have you sat down and asked yourself why exactly you want
to make money online?

If you think that is a dumb question, you are wrong.

It is not enough simply to want to make money on the
Internet. That is far too vague. You need to form a clear
idea about what are are aiming to achieve with your
Internet business.

For example:

1. Why you want to use the Internet as your business
medium? What are the particular benefits of starting an
online business for you?

For many people the answers have to do with independence,
convenience, cost and being able to sell your goods or
services worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. What is your "definite major purpose" for wanting to
start a business on the Internet?

Starting an Internet business is really just a means to a
greater end.

For example, if you made five million dollars on the
Internet you might just decide to retire and do something
else. When you know what that special "something" is you
will also know why you really want to build an online
business - you will have your "major purpose".

Once you are able to articulate what your major life goals
are, write them down and refer to them regularly.

Now you have a clearer idea of what you are trying to
achieve with your the Internet business it will be easier
to find answers to the next few questions...

3. What are your monthly earning targets?

Set a precise target figure, an amount of money that will
enable you to do what you want, whether it is $500 a month,
$5,000 a month or $50,000 a month. Write it down.

4. How long should will it take to reach that level of

If you don't set yourself a time frame in which to reach
your income target you will probably never get there.

5. How much time and money will you need to invest to reach
your target?

Before you set up your online business do some research
about the kind of skills that you will need to develop in
order to succeed.

Think about how much of your time, energy and money will be
needed to develop those skills. What should you outsource
to competent experts and what are you prepared to do

For example, when it comes to constructing your website,
are you prepared to do that yourself? Or do you want to
spend your time on something else and outsource the design
side of your business to a competent web designer?

Do you enjoy writing? Do you find the prospect of having to
create fresh content for your website exciting or daunting?
Would you be willing to spend the time and make the effort
to write your own copy, or would it be better simply to pay
somebody to do it for you?

Once you have gone through this self-examination you will
know why you want to make money on the Internet. You will
also have a clearer idea as to whether you are ready to
proceed with your online business and how much time and
money you will need to invest to achieve your goals.

About the Author:

David Hurley is the owner of and
writes articles on all aspects of Internet marketing. To
learn about how you can build a viable, home based business
on the Internet, check out David's website at: .

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[article_announce] 3 Advantages of Going Green at Home

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Title: 3 Advantages of Going Green at Home

Word Count: 576
Author: Thomas Palmieri
Category: Health & Fitness
Article URL:

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3 Advantages of Going Green at Home

The Advantages of Going Green at Home are obvious to almost
everyone who knows about the effects of acid rain, global
warming, poor air quality and the efforts being made to
reverse the effects of these environmental disasters we
have created for ourselves.

These 3 advantages of going green at home were written for
the few who are not aware we have the power to reverse what
we have done, one person at a time.

Years ago, going green meant spending a lot of money on the
eco friendly products. Yes, they saved the environment, but
killed your wallet in the process. Not true anymore.

Many smart business owners, seeing the future of Eco
friendly products, developed a variety of alternative
power, fuel, cleaning solutions, and food sources. All
designed and tailored for the every day consumer to afford.

Below are 3 advantages of going green at home that will not
only be equal to, or less than, what you are spending now,
but over time, will even save you money.

Advantage #1 Better Household Cleaning Solutions:

View any bottle of cleaning solution in your home and you
will probably see a warning label. "Harmful if Swallowed"

We should not need to discuss what happens to children or
pets that get into these every year.

The statistics say 80% of all household poisoning is
directly related to these toxic chemicals.

They are also bad for our environment.

Cleaning solutions not only have toxic chemicals in the
fluid, but also in the spray. Once these become airborne,
you have effectively contaminated your indoor air.

Once they are flushed they do even more damage to our

A septic system needs bacteria to work properly. Regular
soap and toxic chemicals kill bacteria.

They also leach into our soil to later evaporate into our
air, further polluting our overall air quality.

Tip: Purchase non toxic cleaners containing Enzymes. These
are the most powerful.

Advantage #2 Light Energy

Incandescent light bulbs are still less expensive to
purchase at first but, over time, fluorescent lights will
save you that money, and more.

They are more expensive to purchase at first but their life
expectancy is 5 times that of its counterpart and they
operate at a 3rd the power consumption.

Tip: Purchase long life fluorescent bulbs for lamps. and
use low voltage lighting when possible.

Advantage #3 Water Saving Shower Heads

This is a no brainer. Exchange your shower heads with high
pressure, low volume spray heads.

These are inexpensive, easy to install and save an average
of 15 gallons of water per 10 minute shower.

That's over 5,000 gallons a year!

If you have a water bill, these pay for themselves the
first year, you start saving the next year and you would
never know the difference between the heads.

Tip: Always shut off water when brushing teeth, use water
saver heads on all faucets.

More Tips: Reduce you footprint at the landfill:

For those of you who have land, start a compost heap.
Compost heaps are filled with vegetable waste, paper
products and other bio degradable substances you would
normally toss in the garbage can.

Recycle: Store and then sell your aluminum cans, cardboard
and newspapers. Recycle stations are everywhere!

Follow these 3 Advantages of Going Green at Home and tell
your friends to do the same!

"The future of our planet is in our hands. We can change
the destiny of the earth we leave to our childrens
children. And we can do it one person at a time."

About the Author:

Thomas Palmieri is a green activist working to change our
environmental impact one person at a time. To learn more
about enzyme cleaners, and claim an opportunity to earn a
residual income while going green, visit me at:

This article is distributed on behalf of the author by is a trading name of Takanomi Limited.
Takanomi Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Registered number: 5629683. Registered office: 31 St Saviourgate, York YO1 8NQ.
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Dog Health Food - Your Poodle Could Be Suffering From The Wrong Food
Dog Health Food – What Is Going Into Your Poodle's Food? Is It Safe?

Whether you Poodle is a picky eater or will eat anything,
if they aren't getting dog health food for their meals,
they could suffer from a range of side effects and
diseases. After the 2007 dog food recalls, many people are
much more wary about the actual ingredients that go in to
their dog food.

More companies look for ways to cut costs by sourcing
cheaper ingredients wherever possible. This isn't going to
always be the best thing for your dog though.

A couple of years ago there was a very widespread recall of
dog food after it was found that there was melamine (a type
of plastic) in some of the ingredients. After some work it
was found that imported cereal proteins (which have little
nutritional value in the first place) which was the
culprit. But really what this means is that it doesn't
matter what the standards are in the US based production if
the ingredients they are using are already tainted.

This may have been a couple of years ago but I would like
to know what has changed to prevent it happening again.
Considering there was melamine found in milk powder
produced under much stricter human food standards recently,
I don't have much confidence that it isn't going to happen
again. I certainly don't want to have my dog suffer because
of some mix up on a production line.

Apart from the accidental poisonings, what else really goes
into your dog food? A toxic preservative called ethoxyquin
is often added but won't appear on the ingredients list as
it's often added before the production process. Usually
this additive is found in fish meal, so if it's in your dog
food, I'd be thinking very seriously about changing foods.
Ethoxyquin has been linked to side effects from severe
allergic reactions and skin problems to cancer and liver

Often fish protein is promoted as being a healthy
ingredient for you dog, and it's true that there are other
vital nutrients in fish, but that doesn't outweigh having a
potential carcinogen in your dog food. There's other ways
to get those nutrients that are going to be a lot safer for
your dog.

And then there's the grain fillers that are often used to
bulk out dog food. These fillers, things like corn and rice
protein, have very little nutritional value for dogs. Most
of the time it's just a way to use leftover products from
human food and has little to do with nourishment for your

This should make you start thinking about what you're
really feeding your Poodle. Dog health food and especially
home made food is one of the easiest ways to make sure that
there is no harmful additives going into your dog's meal.

About the Author:

Did you know that not being aware of what goes into your
Poodle's food could be making them sick and could even rob
years from your best friend's life. To find out exactly
what goes into dog food and how to make your own delicious
dog health food, subscribe to our newsletter, chock full of
great tips to make your dog's life a long and healthy one.
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How a Little Prevention Can Go Long Way in Preventing Dog Bite Injuries
How a Little Prevention Can Go Long Way in Preventing Dog Bite Injuries

One of the most biggest misconceptions that most people
have is that their own dogs won't bite. While it is natural
that everybody feels some level of respect for a big,
growling dog we are becoming too nonchalant about our own
dogs. So how can you be sure that your dog will never bite

A dog bite injury can lead to some serious, even life
threatening injuries, some even requiring corrective
surgery. There is also the problem of psychological,
emotional, and physical scars from the dog bite injuries
that will need to be overcome. There can also be
staggering financial and legal costs as well.

While some dog biting is fairly common in young puppies
while playing or teething, you need to start to train your
dog that biting is not acceptable. In puppies this is
called 'mouthing' and this is something to keep in mind
since puppies have sharp teeth and while they are playing
it is inevitable that he will use those teeth.

Preventing these dog bite injuries is a necessity both
medically and legally, and this is why dog owners have to
be responsible for their dogs. A dog owner has to recognize
that any dog of any breed is capable of biting someone, and
even a 'nice' dog can suddenly snap and bite if he becomes
frightened, or hurt in any way.

Obedience Training

One way to help to prevent these dog bite injuries is to
invest in a good dog obedience training program. Dogs that
are not trained or not trained well are much more likely to
bite. Get him socialized early with other puppies, and
under calm and positive circumstances, allow him to also
meet and interact with other people, including children.
This is because all dogs are descendants of dog packs and
where dogs often exhibit aggressive behavior having to do
with dominance.

Spay and Neuter your Dog

Another good preventative for either minor or devastating
dog bite injuries is to spay or neuter your dog as this
will eliminate or reduce aggression levels in both male and
female dogs. This will also prevent many health problems
later in his life.

Why do Dogs Bite?

Learning why dogs bite can make it possible for you to
understand some behaviors and to avoid them. You can also
learn to train your dog to prevent possible dog bite
injuries. Despite what many people may think, dogs don't
bite because of aggression, but because of fear and
surprise. This is why socializing your dog when he a puppy
is so important to get him used to other people and other

Other Things You Can Do

Be sure to take your dog to the vet on a regular basis and
also make sure that all his vaccinations are kept up to
date. Get your dog licensed and also keep his paperwork up
to date.

Don't allow your dog to wander freely, in fact he should be
contained on your property and you should be able to
control his access to the street.

If you follow these common sense steps you can greatly
reduce an attack or dog bites by a lot. Just be a
responsible owner and start working with your puppy or dog

About the Author:

J. Mahoney is the owner of Dog Trainers Just
feel free to visit ,
where you will find a resource providing you with advice on
all aspects of dog training, house training and dog health.
If you want to find more info on Training Choke Collars, .


Healthy Natural Dog Food - Dogs versus Humans Pt 2
 Healthy Natural Dog Food - Humans vs Dogs Part 2

Aside from the possiblity of traumatic injury incurred by
something like being hit by a car most dog issues today
result from something as controllable as poor nutrition. We
recently looked at some of the physical differences between
dogs and humans that might play on your dogs nutritional
requirements. The difference in the number of teeth. The
inability of the dog to work his jaw side to side and the
short digestive system that is reflected by the dog's
inability to digest raw vebetables and many uncooked
grains. We drew the conclusion that dog's, perhaps even
more than humans, needed a healthy natural food source. I
prefer to take it one step further and insist on human
grade dog food for my own 4-legged friends. Please do not
allow poor nutrition to cause challenges for your dog.

Certain additives that we take for granted, can create
liver and kidney damage. Liver and kidney diseases are
amongst the leading causes of illness in dogs. For example,
our water contains fluoride. Dogs definitely do not need
flouride in their water as they do not get cavities.
Although generally considered safe for humans 10 European
countries have banned flourination of water. In dogs,
fluoride alters serum calcium/phosphorous balance and can
damage bones and kidneys. Because of the high amount of
flourinated water in canned food, dogs should definitely
drink filtered water and avoid canned dog food whenever
possible. These contain high levels of concentrated

Are you aware that dogs actually produce their own Vitamin
C? Dogs use trace minerals in the liver to produce their
own supply of this vitamin. Humans cannot do this.
Supplementing Vitamin C for dogs can create pH imbalances
in the kidney. Adding Vit C can also damage the liver.
Many manufacturers use vitamin C because it is a cheap
preservative that prevents discoloration, not because it
benefits the dog.

There are many differences between dogs and humans and we
can take a look at them in later articles, dog's sense of
smell, sight and hearing is all dramatically different and
bears looking into. What you may not realize is that a dog
not only can see motion better than humans but they have a
third eyelid as well? It helps to remove debris from the
eye and protect it as well. Dogs have flatter lenses and
larger pupils so you see that when you delve a little
deeper into your four-legged friends physiology that you
need to learn more about how dogs are built in order to
understand the "why" of what they might need.

Despite highlighting the nutrional and digestive aspects of
your dog's needs we also need to know as much as we can
about our dog's physiology in order to insure they will be
around and healthy for as long as possible. I hope you have
enjoyed this comparison and that it helps you make informed
decisions about how and what to feed your best friend. We
all need whole, natural, unprocessed food. You can see
that dogs need high quality, human grade dog food for
healthy absorption and digestion.

Amongst other things we will be covering how to read labels
in future articles.

Dr. Janice Elenbaas

Always remember, Health comes from the inside out!

About the Author:

Dr. Janice Elenbaas DC - The first woman recognized to
adjust animals in Canada and a founding member of the
Ontario Veterinarian Chiropractic Association is a
passionate advocate of the benefit of whole foods for both
humans and animals. Her company Lucky Dog Cuisine provides
all natural HUMAN GRADE cooked meals for dogs. For more
info or to receive her FREE INFOSERIES on dog nutrition
please visit =>

How Your Dogs Agility Training Can Benefit Both You and Your Dog
How Your Dogs Agility Training Can Benefit Both You and Your Dog

There are many dogs that would benefit from dog agility
training, whether they are a show dog or a dog that is a
family pet and companion. If you have a very large or very
small dog the dogs can have some special challenges not
found in other kinds of dog training.

Some of the benefits of a dogs agility training can include
providing him with plenty of exercise, since a lack of
exercise is the cause of many dog misbehaving. It's great
for people who want to do things with their dog.

The sport of dog agility is a competition where dogs
compete one at a time to navigate around a serious of
obstacles in a particular pattern to find out which of the
dogs competing can complete the course without any errors
or a least the fewest errors.

There are also professional dog agility training
competitions too. Just like a dog show, where you might
have a handler for the dog that is not the dog's owner who
is carrying out the dogs agility training. He is the one
that the dog must listen to for commands.

Some of the obstacles a dog would encounter in agility
training depend on what the particular organization
sanctioning the competition might select. But they usually
consist of jumps, tunnels, contact obstacles, and others.

Some dogs take to agility training rather easily, while
others need extensive training. The dogs agility training
can normally take about 6 to 8 weeks.

As with regular dog training treats and praise figure
prominently as ways to reward the dog for being able to
navigate all the obstacles correctly.

A dogs agility training is great way to ensure the
happiness of your dog, and if give you a chance to spend
some quality time with your dog, and this is why so many
dogs love agility training. If you have a dog that loves
agility training, make sure that you can take advantage of
any dog agility training opportunities to train your dog on
a more regular basis.

There are many dog training schools that offer dog agility
training classes. Many trainers recommend that the dogs
going through these types of classes have already completed
at least a basic obedience course, especially since in
agility training the dogs usually run of the leash and have
to be able to come back when they are called.

You will no doubt find that your dogs agility training will
be both challenging and rewarding for you and your dog, but
it is a great way for both of you to have fan while
spending time together.

If you want to improve your relationship with your dog and
solidify the bond you both share, find yourself a good dog
training school for your dogs agility training, for
whatever discipline you prefer, and just do it. By just
investing a little time, money, and patience, your
relationship will become a forever relationship, and the
your dog will truly be your best friend!

About the Author:

J. Mahoney is the owner of Dog Trainers Just
feel free to visit ,
where you will find a resource providing you with advice on
all aspects of dog training, house training and dog health.
If you want to find more info on Training Choke Collars, .

Dog Health Food - Is Your Labrador Getting The Best Food Possible?

Dog Health Food – Feeding Your Labrador The Wrong Food Could Rob Years From His Life

If you've ever wondered if dog health food might be good
for the health of your Labrador, then you're probably
right. These days it is harder and harder to believe in the
safety of commercially produced dog food. With so many
recalls being made on dog food, who knows when or where the
next contaminated batch of dog food is going to land?

Not only is there the possibility of contamination, but
what about the actual nutritional value of your dog's food?
With the focus on profit margins, the only thing you can be
sure about is that the dog food companies want to use the
cheapest ingredients they can get.

In 2007 there was a widespread recall from over 100 dog
food manufacturers after it was discovered that there was
melamine (a type of plastic) in much of their dog food. It
was eventually traced back to a factory in China, which
manufactured rice protein and wheat gluten (neither of
which have any real nutritional value for a dog). So what
that means is that it doesn't matter what standards the US
based company may have for their production plants if the
ingredients coming into the plant are already contaminated!

And although this was a couple of years ago, recently
melamine was discovered in milk powder – produced under
standards for human consumption! So based on that I think
that it's safe to say that it's only a matter of time
before another similar incident occurs. I certainly don't
want to take the chance that my puppy is going to suffer
because I didn't act. At the end of the day our dogs depend
on us to give them all the nutrients they need and now we
also need to make sure there's no nasty chemicals as well.

So leaving the accidental toxins aside, what other things
are going into your Labrador's food? a really nasty
preservative called ethoxyquin is often present in dog food
but isn't listed. If your dog food contains fish meal it
almost certainly contains ethoxyquin which has been linked
to numerous allergic reactions, cancer and liver failure in
dogs. Often the only time that it's mentioned is if it's
not there!

So take a moment and check your dog's food just to see if
there is fish meal listed as an ingredient, often it's
promoted as being a source of omega 3 (which it is) but
that isn't going to offset the long term side effects that
your dog is likely to suffer from continued consumption of
this preservative.

All this is just scraping the surface and for the sake of
your Labrador and it's long term wellbeing, it's vital to
learn about dog health food. The best way to be absolutely
certain about what you're feeding your dog is to make it

About the Author:

Did you know that not being aware of what goes into your
dog's food could be making them sick and could even rob
years from your best friend's life. To find out exactly
what goes into dog food and how to make your own delicious
dog health food, subscribe to our newsletter, chock full of
great tips to make your dog's life a long and healthy one.
Click here


Food from the dog's perspective - A Bugsy Wonderdog Tale

A dog's eye view of dinner

I am in a relatively unique position in that I own a dog
that doesn't know he's a dog. My dog "Bugsy Wonderdog" (I
just named him Bugsy, he added the Wonderdog part) has had
an opinion on everything ever since he was a puppy. Usually
he is correct. He recently asked me if he could write a
couple of articles for me so, as is the case with most dog
lovers, I gave in to my puppy and I let him do it. I have
taken the liberty of including his first article in the
text of this one and I must admit that as usual I believe
he's right. The need for healthy natural dog food and human
grade dog food is a passion of mine and from a scientific
perspective can be proven. To look at it from the dog's
perspective is an interesting paradigm shift. So without
further ado I bring you words of wisdom from the Wonderdog.

You humans have always had a hard time grasping the concept
of Healthy Natural Dog Food. What's with that. You are
finally trying to eat well yourself as is evidenced by the
proliferation of Whole Foods, Fresh Markets and assorted
other nouveau supermarkets dedicated to providing natural
foods for humans so why not for us dogs? I don't believe
there is anyone more qualified to judge what does and what
should go into that dog bowl them me, your humble
Wonderdog. After all, I am the one who has to eat it.

How would you like to sit down for every breakfast, lunch
and dinner for the rest of your life and be served a bowl
of dry processed cereal? Why do it to your dog then?
There's nothing wrong with a bowl of Cheerios now and
again, according to the label they are fortified and
contain tons of vitamins and minerals but you wouldn't want
to live on them. Variety is the spice of life. Whoever said
that sure wasn't your average dog.

While we're talking about it, what's with the double
standard? Have you ever wondered why they even have
something called "Pet Grade"? I'll tell you why, it's
because it's all of the garbage that is deemed not fit for
human consumption. Healthy Natural Dog Food is a complete
oxymoron with respect to most commercial grade pet foods.
Now I know that a dog, even your dog, isn't human. Thank
goodness for that, you people have enough problems but that
doesn't mean we should be deprived of vital nutrients
because you can't see through the marketing propaganda of
the commercial pet food companies. Oh, their commercials
are wonderful showing happy dogs with great coats and lots
of energy. Those dogs are actors. They are probably eating
Filet Mignon and traveling first class. They are the
Brangelina's of the canine world. How about making your dog
feel like a movie star, or at the very least a Wonderdog.
Whether you buy it in a store or you have to cook it
yourself please feed your dogs Healthy Natural Dog Food.

Bugsy Wonderdog

Certainly spoken like someone who has never had to cook dog
food for himself but overall I think he makes some great
points. The innocuous little label "pet grade" in many
cases might just as well say, "poison". One of my favorite
rules to live by when feeding my dogs is that if I wouldn't
eat it myself, I won't feed it to my dog. Pay attention to
the Bugster, he is not your average dog. He is an actor, a
model, a spokesdog and even an author but most importantly
he's a dog and as such has earned the title of "man's best
friend". Let's pay back some of that friendship by feeding
Bugsy and all of our canine friends what they really need.

Dr. Janice Elenbaas

Always remember, health comes from the inside out!

About the Author:

Dr. Janice Elenbaas has had a long and successful career as
a Doctor of Chiropractic. She was the first woman in Canada
certified to adjust animals and was instrumental in
bringing animal adjusting to Canada. As founder of Lucky
Dog Cuisine she continues her passion for animals by
advocating human grade food for all dogs.
Follow her FREE INFOSERIES Toxic Soup ' Truth about
Commercial Dog Food here =>


Dog Health Food - Your German Shepherd Could Be Suffering
Dog Health Food – Your German Shepherd Could Be Suffering

Your German Shepherd could be suffering from the side
effects of commercial dog food, which is why so many owners
are turning to dog health food. With so many potentially
toxic ingredients being put into dog food these days, it
can be hard to know whether you might be actually harming
your best friend with every meal.

First you have to wonder how safe your dog food is from
chemical contaminants that accidentally got into the food
at some point in the production. Maybe basic ingredients
were tainted overseas and nobody picked it up. Especially
at the moment with companies all around the world looking
to get more profit from less cost, we have to wonder if our
dogs welfare is at risk.

Do you know how safe your dog's food really is? Even in
human food production with their far more strict standards,
it's not uncommon for there to be chemical contaminants.

In 2007 there was a widespread recall from over 100 dog
food manufacturers after it was discovered that there was
melamine (a type of plastic) in much of their dog food. It
was eventually traced back to a factory in China which
manufactured rice protein and wheat gluten (neither of
which have any real nutritional value for a dog). So what
that means is that it doesn't matter what standards the US
based company may have for their production plants if the
ingredients coming into the plant are already contaminated!

Although this happened a couple of years ago, what has
changed to ensure that it can't happen again? Melamine was
recently found in milk powder that was produced under human
food standards. So what about the lower standards that pet
foods are produced under? While it may a completely
accidental, even the possibility of having toxic plastics
ending up in dogs food is completely unacceptable.

I know I don't want to pick up the paper and find out that
my dog's food has plastic in it. We are ultimately
responsible for our dogs health, not just that they get the
right nutrition, but to make sure that their food is free
from harmful chemicals too.

Apart from the accidental chemical additives what else is
your German Shepherd really eating? Often there's a proven
carcinogen called ethoxyquin present in many commercial dog
foods. This preservative has been banned for decades from
human food due to it's toxic side effects. Factory workers
who have been exposed to it exhibit symptoms similar to
agent orange. But this toxic chemical is still being added
to our dog's food!

You won't find it listed either, no matter how close you
look. This is because fish meal when it is made gets
treated with ethoxyquin, while it's still on the boat. What
this means is that fish meal might go into the food but the
ingredients of the meal won't be listed.

In some foods they promote the fact that there's fish in
there as a great source of protein and fatty acids, which
is true. However if that fish is in the form of meal, then
there's a whole lot more going in than you bargained for.
They could suffer from allergic reactions, cancer and liver
failure. And this is something that supposed to be healthy!

For the sake of your German Shepherd it's vital that you
learn about dog health food. Commercially produced food is
completely out of your control, you never really know what
could be If you make your own then you can be absolutely
sure that there's no nasty chemicals and carcinogenic
preservatives in your dog's food. You can treat them to a
variety of gourmet tastes and give them the very best
nutrition possible.

About the Author:

Did you know that not being aware of what goes into your
German Shepherd's food could be making them sick and could
even rob years from your best friend's life. To find out
exactly what goes into dog food and how to make your own
delicious dog health food, subscribe to our newsletter,
chock full of great tips to make your dog's life a long and
healthy one. Click here


Dog Health Food - Could There Be Toxic Chemicals In Your Dog Food?
  Title: Dog Health Food – Are You Accidentally Poisoning Your Best Friend?

Author: Mark Syme

Dog Health Food – Are You Accidentally Poisoning Your Best Friend?

Dog health food is fast becoming a mainstream choice for
many dog owners as more dog food recalls are issued. Many
people are losing faith in dog food manufacturers being
able to reliably supply food that is always going to be
free from contaminants. Some people are making their own
food, while most are looking much more carefully at what is
really going into their dog's food.

Now there's a whole range of reasons for dog food to be
recalled and some of them are exactly the same reasons as
why some human food recalls occur. In at least one case
there was a fungal infection on the production line, which
contaminated the food. This would make me ask the question:
What sort of hygiene procedures are in place that allowed
this to occur?

The FDA is responsible for keeping tabs on the dog food
industry, which is enormous and growing at a staggering
rate. And so we'd like to think that dog food conforms to
the same standards as human food, but all too often this is
far from the truth.

The FDA is growing increasingly under funded and
understandably puts most of its resources into ensuring
that human food production is kept to the required hygiene
standards. That said, plenty of products still slip
through when you think about how often you see food recalls
at the supermarket. So where does that leave the pet food

Well, the lack of official oversight means that they are
mainly self-regulating. While in a perfect world this
wouldn't be a problem, I have my doubts when it comes to
the sort of money that is being made from dog food today.
In most cases, in the battle between increased profits and
better quality, profits come out on top.

And who could forget the wide-ranging pet food recalls in
2007? This was eventually traced back to contaminated rice
protein and wheat gluten produced in China. One more way
that a cheaply sourced ingredient is added that has little
nutritional value anyway. This means that even if the
standards of the US manufacturer are fantastic, it won't
help if they're using tainted ingredients?

So we need to asking the hard questions of where our dog
food really comes from, what's really in the food that our
best friends are gobbling up and what are the long term
effects on their health going to be?

Many pet owner are turning to some form of dog health food
as a practical way to ensure that their pets get not only
the best nutrition but also keep them safe from any pet
food company blunders. At the end of the day, it's up to us
to give our pets healthy and safe food but we can't always
believe what the large pet food companies are telling us.

About the Author:

Our dogs rely on us to provide them with the best possible
food and care. To keep your best friend healthy and add
years to their life, subscribe to our dog health food
newsletter. You'll find out exactly what goes into
commercial dog food and how to make your own at home,
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Healthy Natural Dog Food - Humans vs Dogs Part 1

Nothing but the Best for your Dog's Tummy

Choosing a dog food is much like choosing a spouse. Lots of
choices but very few quality ones. I have always had a
passion for making sure my dogs only eat the very best but
in order to do that we need to know a little bit about what
makes dogs different from us. Having that knowledge will
allow us to understand why dogs actually need higher
quality proteins than humans. Let's help them live longer
happier lives by feeding them healthy natural, and
preferably human grade dog food.

Let's start with the teeth and jaw. Dogs have 42
well-spaced teeth. People have 32 and our teeth are close
together. The space between dogs' teeth allows food to
enter quickly. Dogs' mouths are funnels to get food into
the stomach as quickly as possible. Your dog gulping his
food is his natural way of eating. He has fewer taste buds
than we do, so there appears to be no need for him to savor
his dinner! Our canine friends also lack the ability to
grind food. Their jaws work only up and down. Side to side
movement is impossible for your dog's jaw. They also do
not predigest starches in the mouth like we do. We get
cavities. Dogs get more tarter build up, but no cavities!

Food travelling from their mouth to their stomach takes
only about 5 seconds. Once in the stomach, the food is
stored and digestion begins. Dogs have more acid in their
stomachs than people do and this allows them to break down
bacteria more effectively than we can. They also have this
antibacterial ability in their saliva.

The small and large intestine in the average human is
approximately 36 feet long. That's roughly the height of a
four storey building! A 70 lb dog has a 6-foot long
intestine therefore dogs need high quality proteins to be
able to digest them quickly. People can digest raw fruits
and vegetables better because of our longer digestive
systems. Give a dog a piece of whole carrot and it comes
out the other end much the same way it entered!

Digestion of complex carbohydrates and vegetables is more
difficult for your dog, therefore in a perfect world they
would be cooked and pureed to simulate predigestion.
Cooking keeps the glycemic index low to help maintain even
blood sugar levels. This causes less stress on the
pancreas and liver and less chance of developing diabetes.

If you are like me and have your dog sleeping on the bed
with you it's not a great leap to understand that after
being domesticated for thousands of years dogs, while
different from humans in many ways, are similar in others.
Just like us needing healthy natural whole foods to thrive
in today's environment your dog needs a healthy natural dog
food as well.

Look for more info on dogs vs humans in upcoming segments.

Dr. Janice Elenbaas

Always remember, Health comes from the inside out!

About the Author:

Dr. Janice Elenbaas DC - The first woman recognized to
adjust animals in Canada and a founding member of the
Ontario Veterinarian Chiropractic Association is a
passionate advocate of the benefit of whole foods for both
humans and animals. Her company Lucky Dog Cuisine provides
all natural HUMAN GRADE cooked meals for dogs. For more
info or to receive her FREE INFOSERIES on dog nutrition
please visit =>


Animal Communication - How to Overcome Doubt

Title: Animal Communication - How to Overcome Doubt

Many people have expressed to me that they would love to be
able to communicate with their pets. But for many reasons
they feel like they aren't able to.

All of us are born with the inherent ability to communicate
with our animal companions and all life for that matter.

Here are 2 ways to help you overcome self-defeating doubt
so you can confidently communicate with your animal

Spend Time in Stillness

Allow yourself the time every day to be alone in stillness.
I don't like to use the term "meditate" because that tends
to trigger many limiting beliefs in people.

When people think about meditating there are usually many
rules and techniques associated with it. Instead picture
yourself quietly communing with both your inner and outer

There isn't any right or wrong way to do this. Simply find
a quiet space and allow the stillness to envelope you.

Let your thoughts simply drift. Don't have an agenda. Be
aware of any sensations in your body. This is your time to
connect with the Creative Energy or Divine Intelligence
that orchestrates the Universe.

If you want greater results do this for pleasure. Play.
Have fun. Don't have an agenda.

It is in this space that you are connected to everything,
including your animals. However, don't use this time to
try to communicate. This is your time to experience
oneness, creation and connectivity.

Play With Your Intuition

Your intuition resides in the right side of your
brain...your creative center. Engage in activities that
stimulate the right side of your brain like art, music, and
creative projects.

Use your intuition to solve problems instead of logic. Ask
empowering questions that engage your right brain. For
example, "What is another solution for this situation?" Or
"How can I bring intuition more frequently into my life?"
Allow the answers to naturally and simply come to you.
Don't struggle and try to figure things out. That's using
your left or logical brain.

Practice relying on your intuition for all aspects of your
life, not just animal communication. When you have a
negative feeling about a person, trust that your intuition
is sending you an important message. When you feel great
about a project it is your intuition letting you know you
are on the right path.

Intuition is the language of feelings. The more you
practice using your intuition the easier it will be for you
to trust the messages you receive.

Being about to communicate with your pets will allow your
to create a deeper and richer relationship with them. Use
these techniques to quickly build the skill and confidence
that will make you a magnificent animal communicator.

About the Author:

Becky is a Divine Animal Healer and communicator who helps
people strengthen the bond they share with their animal
companions. If you have a pet suffering from physical or
emotional distress visit her at She also helps people
cope with pet loss using Divine Openings. Divine Openings
frees people from negative emotions like depression and
guilt thus allowing them to live lives with more grace,
ease and joy.


What's your dogs lifespan?

Title: What's your dogs lifespan?

What Is The Lifespan of Your Dog?

10 years, 12 maybe, 15 tops, most people believe that is
the lifespan of their beloved dog. Contrary to popular
opinion it is not unusual for well cared for and well fed
dogs that have had optimum nutrition and a caring partner
to live past 20 years.

Our beloved pets cannot talk to us and they can only hope
that we are aware of their health conditions by knowing
what they are usually like and noticing any behavioral

If your dog starts to eat more or less food than normal
this could be one sign that there is a problem and also if
they gain or lose weight they could be suffering from some
health problems. Even if a normally quiet dog starts
whining or barking more often they might be trying to give
you a signal that something is not quite right in their

Today a lot of the health problems that our pets are
suffering from is due to the foods they are being fed. And
this is due to the ingredients being used to manufacture
our commercial dog foods. The most popular dog foods often
use byproducts with added chemical preservatives and
artificial colors to make it look good. Ingredients such
as sodium are added to the dog food to make it more
palatable. In fact excessive sodium can be detrimental to
the well being of your dog.

Some dog food manufacturers will also use a high percentage
of grains like corn, wheat, soy to add bulk to the food
while doing nothing for the all-over nutrition of the dog
food. These byproducts and fullers have very little
nutritional value and are certainly not helping in the
overall health of our animals.

Not all of our dog's health problems can be blamed on the
food he/she eats. Obesity and the associated problems that
are present from being overweight is one of the main
reasons for the shortened life span.

One of the best things you can do for your dog besides
regular exercise, good food, water and shelter, is to be
aware of any changes that it might exhibit in all aspects
of it's life. Particularly as dogs get older they might
seem like they are just not interested in exercise any
longer but this might be due to the fact that they are
suffering from pain of some form or another.

Many older dogs suffer from arthritis and this can be very
painful.There are all sorts of remedies that can help your
dog from natural remedies to ones that your local vet might
prescribe. Older dogs can become depressed because they
are no longer getting the required stimulation mentally and
a depressed dog will suffer just as a human can do in
similar circumstances.

If we ensure that our dogs get the optimum nutrition,
enough exercise, along with a regular checkup at the Vet,
this is a good solution to ensure that your dog is always
in optimal health and that includes their mental state. We
can expect their lifespan to be considerably more than
current levels and reach that 20 year mark. Remember always
be aware of their behavior and it will ensure that your dog
has a happy and long life.

A regular checkup at the Vet and the best premium dog food
you can afford is a good solution to ensure that your dog
is always in optimal health and is with you a long time.

About the Author:

George Baker is a semi retried professional breeder of
service and working dogs where dog nutriment is a daily
returnee for him. To keep your dog/puppy healthy. Learn
more about dog nutation and holistic natural dog foods, go


Canine Heartworm Treatment

Canine Heartworm Treatment

Canine heartworms, also known as dirofilariasis disease,
can be extremely dangerous or fatal if left untreated.
Heartworms are spawned from mosquitoes, which carry the
parasite and infect other dogs. A veterinarian can
prescribe heartworm preventatives to decrease the chances
of your pet getting this disease. To restrict mosquito
contact, natural methods can be used to keep these insects
at bay.

Canine heartworms are dangerous parasites that live in the
lung arteries and the right side of the heart in dogs. If
left untreated, these long, thin parasitic worms can cause
lung or heart damage, or death. Microfilaria immitis
(heartworm) parasites are carried by mosquitoes. The life
cycle begins by a mosquito biting an infected dog. The
offspring of the heartworm, called microfilariae, begin to
molt inside the mosquito, maturing into infective larvae.
When the mosquito bites another dog, the microfilariae are
injected under the skin, and will molt again in about 10
days. Sixty days later, the microfilariae will molt once
more and begin their journey to the heart and lungs of the
animal. Four months later, the parasites become adult

Heartworms cases have been reported all around the world,
including the United States. In the U.S., the heaviest
concentration of heartworm reports has been in southeastern
states. Dogs may show no sign of heartworm disease until
the infection has become severe. Weight loss, vomiting,
respiratory distress, and lethargy are classic symptoms of
this disease.

Canine heartworm treatment is the best route in preventing
heartworms. These preventative treatments will impede
larvae from becoming adult worms. Some heartworm
preventatives available from a veterinarian include daily
or monthly tablets or chewables, injections every six
months, or monthly topicals.

Keeping your dog indoors more will minimize mosquito
contact, but is not always enough to prevent heartworms.
Using non-toxic sprays or essential oils, such as geranium
oil, can cut down on mosquito contact. All-natural tea
tree, lavender or garlic can also be used as a mosquito
repellent. Maintaining a healthy diet and immune system,
and keeping regular vet checkups, can also help keep
heartworms at bay.

If a dog has already been infected with heartworms, the
treatment can be costly, dangerous, and painful to the
animal. In advanced stages of heartworm disease, there is
no guarantee that the treatment will be effective. Dogs
that are already infected can receive treatments at home.
But, it is best that your dog be hospitalized during canine
heartworm treatment, in case caval syndrome (cardiovascular
collapse) or heart failure occurs. The animal may be
injected with a drug called adulticide and may need to have
several treatments. During this period, heartworm
preventatives should be administered to prevent

Canine heartworm disease can be prevented. Veterinarians
can prescribe medicines to avoid heartworm
infection--preventing long-term damage to the heart or
lungs. If your dog exhibits signs of heartworms, such as
lethargy or vomiting, take them to a vet immediately. They
may need special tretments to kill worms in the heart or
lungs. Heartworm treatment is imperative in helping your
dog live a long, healthy life.

About the Author:

Discover the best and safest canine heartworm treatment
available in the market today, including alternative
heartworm treatment for dogs. Learn all about heartworm
signs and heartworm symptoms to help you how to tell if a
dog has heartworms and extensive heartworm treatment
recovery to keep your pet in the best health possible. Go


Pet Loss: How to Overcome Guilt

Pet Loss: How to Overcome Guilt
by Rebecca Kimes

You had no way of knowing that a car's backfiring would
frighten your dog so badly he'd jump the fence, get lost,
wander on to a busy street and be tragically struck by a
car and killed.

Or that your cat would be caught and torn up by a pack of

Or that the hay you bought from a reputable dealer was
laced with an unknown plant that poisoned your horse.

As a responsible, caring and loving steward of your animal
companions you always do your absolute best for them.
That's why the sudden, unexpected death of your companion
can often be devastating beyond words. And to further
compound the tragedy you are overcome with guilt and blame
yourself for the death of your animal companion.

Guilt is a natural reaction when tragedy strikes. And it
can serve you if you learn from what happened and choose
differently in the future.

However, a little guilt goes a long way. If you find
yourself overcome with guilt and unable to properly grieve
and recover from your companion's death here are 2 steps
that will help you take action and free yourself from
guilt's numbing grasp.

Step 1: Let Empowering Questions Help You Heal

Your thoughts create your feelings. If you find yourself
thinking the same things over and over again like, "If I
had only..." or "Why didn't I..." or "How could I have..."
STOP. You are only entrenching yourself further in the
guilty feelings.

Instead use empowering questions to redirect your thoughts
and emotions. Empowering questions are questions you ask
yourself that engage your Creative Self.

Actively ask yourself empowering questions like: "What is
my favorite memory of my companion?" or "How can I feel
better right now about this?" or "What can I do in this
moment to release the guilt?"

Ask yourself empowering questions any time you find
yourself having thoughts of guilt and self-blame.

As you ask empowering questions your creativity is
stimulated and your thoughts are naturally redirected in a
manner that automatically helps you feel better. You'll
quickly find yourself putting your guilt in the past where
it belongs.

Step 2: Accept What Happened

Your beloved companion is gone from this world and no
amount of guilt or self-recrimination can change that.

Now is the time to look deeply within and discover your
true beliefs about death and dying.

Is it possible that your companion's Soul or Spirit
specifically chose this particular time and method to

Do you believe that although your pet isn't here
physically, he/she is now enjoying life and romping around
in the spirit realms? And you can still connect with your
pet, just in a different manner than you are used to?

As you answer these questions and the others that will
inevitably emerge allow your Soul or Expanded Self to help
you release the guilt and grief. Perhaps you can now
create a new relationship with your beloved pet. As you
do, you'll accept your pet's physical death as a natural
evolution of life and self-growth.

Although seemingly impossible at times, you can choose to
move beyond the numbing effects of guilt created from the
loss of your pet.

About the Author:

Looking for more support in dealing with the devastating
effects of guilt? Perhaps you want more guidance around
exploring your beliefs around where you pet has gone after
dying? Maybe you'd like help in contacting your pet's
spirit. Visit Becky at and
discover her many tools and support to help you move on
with your life after the death of your pet in joy and ease.