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Secrets of Dog Training
Posted on : April 10, 2008
Wellard, Eastenders, and Marley and Me
Have you seen the Pedigree Chum advert [UK readers] about Marley & Me?

In the centre of the group of dogs watching is a Belgian... do you think he looks a little like Wellard from Eastenders?

Actually he should do! He is the 'Wellard' actors grandson... so Wellard is now a proud grandma of a budding animal actor!

Note: [This is just an update for all followers of Wellard on my various blogs - and will be posted on them all!] ...»

Bloat, Gastric Torsion, Gastric Dilatation
For all new readers - please check out this informational post on Bloat - the following link will take you there!

Monday, March 19th, 2007 is the date to look for to access the vital informational post on Gastric Dilatation/Torsion, more commonly known perhaps as Bloat.

You'll also find information at Lhasa Apso Potty Training ...»

At present in the UK we seem to have nothing in the news but SNOW [unless you prefer the seemingly endless financial gloom]... but DO take extra care of your dogs in this weather.

A few dos and don'ts...

Do keep moving
Don't stand about and let them get cold
Do check their paws carefully when you return from your walks - they could have cut them on jagged frozen snow
Don't take them out in too deep snow if they are small and likely to be troubled by snowballs in their fur
Most importantly... Don't let them play on frozen water anywhere ...»

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Worth trying on your blog? Why not have a look around and see what you think? ...»

More tips and frozen water warning + new blog
The winter here in the UK seems to have been going on for ever! Dogs get covered in mud or soaked every time they go out for exercise. Not to mention the dangers of frozen stretches of water in ponds and canals especially - let's hope it is soon over and we get a drier and better spring and summer which is more suited to outdoor pursuits, especially dog agility!

If you are experiencing difficulties when drying and cleaning your pet, then get your dog used to being cleaned up after its walks by using a reward - it's easier if there are two of you - one holding treats, and the other doing the necessary cleaning.

There is a new blog which has just started at Lhasa Apso Potty Training which deals with all sorts of doggy behaviours. Do please click over and see what you think! ...»

If you are looking for doggy info do check out all our archives we have loads of useful 'doggy stuff' there! ... BUT...

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Dog Health Problems - Pedigree v Mutt
Did you see the much publicised Pedigree Dogs Exposed [on UK TV] which has left most dog breeders and exhibitors incredulous and angry, and others feeling that it may have served as a timely reminder that there are issues that need addressing by the KC and breeders before it becomes too late?!

Then there was the Martin Clunes dog programme [in 2 parts] which was MOST interesting... and did touch on the same negative health problems occuring in pedigree dogs in the last programme. If you missed both programmes and own a pedigree dog do try and see if any of your friends taped the programmes. Most worrying!

The health problems appear to be getting worse and worse. Just looking at some breeds makes you worry - think of the poor Alsations, whose back ends and legs look all wrong, and from what was said on the programme it is being encouraged by the Kennel Club as the way they should be! But it causes untold problems later in life, and not that much later, either!

Arthritis, heart problems, heads too small for the brain, poor articulation, breathing problems, and so much more is being increasingly found within the pedigree dog breeds - in breeding is a major problem, as is breeding for required TYPE for showing. More worryingly, dogs with known problems are being made champions and are being bred from in large numbers - increasing the problem exponentially.

[If you are thinking of adopting new dog from rescue - a working dog, from working stock, a mixed breed, a Heinz 57, would all be perhaps better bets health wise - obviously if you are a fan of a particular breed, then it will be that particular rescue that you go, but do please be aware that the veterinarian costs for your new pet could be horrendous... maybe the previous owners knew of the health problem and that was their reason for the abandonment!

I do know of some unscrupulous cases of this phenomena. Your breed's Welfare Trust might be helpful in this respect if they can afford it - I know with our Trust they do fund vets fees for health checks firstly, and secondly try to fund vets fees for problems found in abandoned animals.]

The mental anguish, the vets costs, and the final outcome of this ticking time bomb is something perhaps best avoided.

It was horrific to hear how some of those poor animals suffered, and all in the name of 'best of breed'! I know of several people who couldn't bear to watch all of the programme - but it is best publicised, whilst hopefully, there is still time to at least partially reverse the harm being done to pedigree breeds. ...»

Eastenders and Wellard
Do you watch EastEnders? [UK TV programme] You'll be happy to know that Kyte who played Wellard is alive and well, though she is getting on in years!

She is trained using treats, will do anything for food! She really played the part amazingly well from when she took the part over from her mother. Terence, also of EastEnders fame comes from the same 'stable'.

What really pleased me was that EastEnders undertook to highlight the danger to dogs from CHOCOLATE.

The choclate treats you can buy for your pet in the petshop are totally different, and aren't dangerous, but chocolate which is meant for human consumption can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of your pet and in some cases, kill.

Please keep it away from them... Christmas can be a very tempting time for your dog with chocolate decorations on the tree maybe and also presents [chocolates] under the tree on Christmas night. Make sure your dog is well away from these temptations. ...»

DO - please - visit this website...
If you are a dog lover you'll know why I asked you to visit as soon as you arrive - Buddy Boy.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell anything! ...»

Our Dogs
Here is a super idea... just click the following link to receive in your inbox a fascinating email - don't worry you can unsubscribe whenever you want - from Our Dogs... remember just click for Our Dogs Newsletter.

You'll find details of shows, champion dogs, lovely pictures, recommended books, special offers, and much, much, more.

Check out the dog breed calendars available [including puppy ones... ah!] - which one do you fancy? You'll find these in the current newsletter. ...»

Dog Training Problems?
You'll find the answers to some of your dog training problems within the early Archives at Secrets of Dog Training but if we haven't answered your specific problem then I thoroughly recommend SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Dogs Behavior Problems.

Why? Because if you've got dog training issues, you surely can get no better advice than by absorbing all the info within SitStayFetch... so get yourself a copy and consider your problems solved!

Read the quote from the bottom of their newsletter [in quotes below]... above this the newsletters always feature a couple or so questions which have been sent in, with the oh so helpful and wise replies to the queries.

It all comes down to who is the Alpha dog and HOW you go about establishing the pecking order. Do it the wrong way and all you will get is trouble, don't do it at all and trouble will also follow you, do it the correct way and you and your pet will have a happy, trouble-free and rewarding relationship.


While the SitStayFetch team would love to be able to answer all of the query's about dog problems that we receive, unfortunately, due to time constraints (it takes 30-40 minutes to answer a typical query properly), our consultation service is only available to those people who have purchased the SitStayFetch series of books.

If you have ordered SitStayFetch, just send us a detailed description of the problem, along with your Clickbank receipt number and we will get back to you within 1-4 working days with recommendations on how to solve it once and for all!"


P.S. - You'll also find a link to SitStayFetch in our left-hand margin! ...»

Just a 'thank you' to anyone who read a previous post about wolves and did something about it! I have just heard the news posted below...

"A federal judge has restored endangered species protections for wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

The ruling by a district court judge in Montana could save the lives of hundreds of wolves by stopping this fall's planned wolf sport hunting seasons in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming." ...»

My BEST training advice
Do you watch Dog Borstal on the TV?

It isn't really my favourite dog orientated programme [try the Dog Whisperer programme for an alternative] as I'd like to strangle some of the owners for the way they treat their dogs. Some owners just don't deserve such clever dogs who have the potential to learn and enjoy so much more than the owners are willing to teach and give to them.

Dogs need your time and attention. And they love to learn, can learn extremely quickly, and SO enjoy the attention and praise.

Why not grab one of the free lessons available in our left-hand margin and enhance your relationship with YOUR pet today?

Look in our 'Links' section... Dove Cresswell offers a wonderful free lesson - it really works, I've tried it - and Sit Stay Fetch will offer free information and newsletters too.


If you ARE looking for secrets of dog training I have two recommendations...

1] Try the 'freebies' from BOTH the above courses. See which one suits you AND your dog best!
2] Go back to our earliest posts (and the next earliest) you'll find lots of advice there. ...»

Publicity? Free?
Do you have a blog? Or are you thinking of starting one? If so, why not join...

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Would this lower oil prices?
Ask yourself... Would this lower oil prices? My take on it would be a big NO! Any profits made would go to the companies and those with shares - any losses would put the price of gas ever further up!

The Wilderness Organisation sent out the following message...

'The oil industry has had its sights on the Arctic Refuge ever since President Bush has taken office. Now that gas prices are sky-high and consumers are suffering, Industry is trying to link drilling in the incomparable Refuge to lower gas prices. There is no such connection. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge wouldn't produce oil for years, and would have almost no effect on the price we pay at the pump a decade or more from now.

Please join me in telling Congress to keep the Arctic Refuge safe. Previous generations have chosen to protect the Refuge. Our generation mustn't be the one to sacrifice this area. As Aldo Leopold, the great conservationist, wrote in the 1940's, "Having to squeeze the last drop of utility out of the land has the same desperate finality as having to chop up the furniture to keep warm."' ...»

I have heard plenty of complaints about the RSPB not allowing dogs on its reserves... but, I must admit though I do find it annoying myself, I can appreciate their stance when some people just won't keep their dogs on leads when specifically requested to do so, and some just won't clean up after their pets. This attitude makes it extremely difficult for responsible owners, and is so anti-social!

That said, I have found plenty of RSPB reserves which do allow dogs on leads to visit and have enjoyed visits to Dinas in Wales, which is not to be missed; and to various sites in Scotland with our dogs.

Have you enjoyed the Springwatch series on BBC TV these last four weeks? It is now, sadly, coming to an end with the last special scheduled for tonight I believe.

The RSPB states that it has had a good increase in memberships following the programme. You have an option to option to choose Bill Oddie's "How to Watch Wildlife" book as a free joining gift until the end of June. [If you already have a copy of it, why not put it aside as a gift for someone special.]


check THIS out!

If you are looking in particular for specific dog training assistance and advice you SHOULD find all the help you can possibly need in our archives.

I am thinking of creating a post devoted to a list of when each post was posted, where you can find it in the archives, and what it deals with... it will take some time!

Otherwise please trawl the archives at your leisure [items further back in the archives will be more 'on topic'] and DO take advantage of the links to training videos, books, etcetera in the margin.

There are fantastic freebies as an introduction to the trainers... they DO work, I've tried them, and are very easy and good. ...»

From:- Puppy Training Secrets, info on fleas
With summer just about to be upon us [hopefully!] in the Northern Hemisphere the following advice is at its most pertinent. As the warmer months are a prime time for pests such as fleas to spread - also watch out for ticks - it is a time to be vigilant and to check your pet regularly.

"It is very important that fleas are dealt with promptly, as they
can spread disease such as tapeworm, typhus and tularemia. Not only
that, but the itching can drive your poor dog crazy!...."

The above advice within quotes is from a newsletter I get from the following website... SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Dogs Behavior Problems... you could find out more by clicking the link! ...»

Breathtaking places in Utah
"I need your help.

Soon the most breathtaking places in Utah could be overrun with off-road vehicles and oil & gas wells.

I took action to stop the attack on the fragile wildlife habitat and stunning landscapes in Utah, and I hope you will too."

The above is the message from The Wilderness Society - please log into their website and sign the petitions which you'll find there. ...»

Stop habitat destruction... petition
The Defenders Organisation is trying to get everyone who is interested in ecology, birds, wildlife, and forests in general to sign a petition online - very easy to do.

The following is a quote from an email they sent out... "One of the world's largest intact forest ecosystems -- the breeding grounds for many of the world's warblers, ducks and other migratory birds -- is in big trouble.

Oil and gas, timber, mining, and other industries are destroying vital habitat for birds and other wildlife in Canada's boreal forest. We need your help to stop them."

Please click on the link above to visit their website and join in! ...»

Bloggers unite for human rights...
There are many great human rights organizations all over the world, but if you want to know something about Amnesty International, please visit AmnestyUSA for more information

Some of the source material provided by Amnesty for BlogCatalog can be found here... Unite-Blogcatalog - you can, obviously, write on whatever rights topic you choose, but you will nevertheless find some interesting and thought provoking material on this page.

Please think of Shi Tao and press the Chinese government to release him and others who were jailed simply for their legitimate use of the Internet. Human rights in China have been in the news, especially with the Olympic torch and Olympics this summer. Now the people of China are suffering from the earthquake and its after-effects and the destruction. Their rulers are making a better job of trying to rescue their citizens than can be said for thosse in Burma.

Our thoughts will be with all the victims.

Bloggers Unite Get a badge for YOUR blog HERE... Click NOW! ...»

Spay Day International - a worthwhile exercise!
The Humane Society International sent me an email about the success of Spay Day International... [emails come from -] a fascinating read with links to pictures of the day, amongst other things!

Emails are free to all interested in the work done on behalf of animals... why not sign up to receive yours... after all you can cancel if you find you haven't the time to read them!

You'll find the following links helpful...

Click here


Click here ...»

Question - how to...
save on top quality pet insurance cover?


What have Tigers to do with Secrets of Dog Training?
The short answer to the question posed in our title is... NOTHING! But please bear with me and read on...

Make the Tiger Trade ban Permanent

If you care about wildlife in general, and tigers in particular please visit the two different page links [above, and below] now...

Below, also, is a quote from one of the web pages which these links point to -

"Tiger numbers have decreased dramatically in recent decades due to poaching to supply the illegal trade in tiger parts, used in traditional medicines, as clothing for cultural ceremonies and as decorative objects such as rugs.

It is illegal markets in China which drive most tiger poaching and illegal trade. To its credit, China has taken many steps to stem this problem; however, its commitment to ending tiger trade is now wavering."

the Illegal Tiger Trade must end ...»