Great Dog Breeder Website Features

Great Dog Breeder Website Features

Great Dog Breeder Website Features

Running a successful kennel in the 21st Century, there are numerous challenges that face Dog Breeders and Kennel owners. This is why we created the Great Dog Breeder Website™ System powered by Webpreneur®. Each Dog Breeder website is equipped with the following features:

DO IT YOURSELF: Building and maintaining your own website is now a quick and simple task! You no longer have to pay a webmaster to update your website and wait for the job to be taken care of at their leisure or battle trying to learn HTML or website building software such as DreamWeaver, GoLive or Front Page. Webepreneur® sites are easy to use and pages are as easy to format as Microsoft Word®.

Webepreneur® QUICKSTART: We realize that getting started can be tough and confusing. We walk you through the process of importing your previous site, making changes and creating your world-class, new site.

UNIQUE & COMPLETE PEDIGREE BREAKDOWN: Each dog will have it's own webpage that displays their pictures, specs and their pedigree. Our unique Pedigree Automation System easily allows you to add lineage information for every new dog based on the dogs that are already on the site!

EASILY DISPLAY YOUR DOGS: The Great Dog Breeder Website™ system allows you to easily seperate all of your dogs into their specific genders and classes. Each site is automatically set up with the following pages: Males, Females, Youth, Litters, For Sale, and Retired. All you need to do is add your dogs and you're good to go!

WEBEPRENEUR® DASHBOARD: Every Webepreneur® website allows you Private Access into the Dashboard Section of your website and gives you access to all of the controls that let you drive your site. That means that you, yes YOU, can edit all the content on each of your pages in a flash! Do you have news of a new litter or of puppies ready for adoption by deserving families? Display any information about these opportunities on your site within seconds from anywhere in the world. With the handy Page Creation Wizard, you are guided step-by-step through the process of creating a page for your site.

CUSTOM, WORLD-CLASS DESIGN: An effective website not only needs to be eye-catching, but it needs to be layed out in a way that is looks good and is easy for page viewers to navigate through and get pertinent information about your kennel services and dogs. For this reason, each Great Dog Breeder Website™ is built for optimum user interaction. All of our websites allow you to upload a custom top page banner, change your fonts and colors, and customize you page layout.

UNLIMITED PAGES: Your world is constantly changing. The Webepreneur® system allows you to easily add pages yourself, on your own time, no more waiting on your websmaster to update important information that you need displayed on your site. And the best part is that you can add as many pages as you like!

COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP: Full, insider access to the Members-Only university for Webepreneur® Members. We conduct regular conference calls and webinars on blogging, tutorials on maximizing your website (like adding video and pictures), strategies on increasing web traffic (and the RIGHT traffic), and overviews on how to optimize your own website organically.

REGULAR WEBSITE TRAINING: We regularly have a website training Webinars, where clients are trained to use all of the resources available to them in order to create a top-notch website for your dog breeding business. You will be guided through that process of adding dogs, building pedigrees, creating, editing and deleting web pages, adding photos and uploading files, creating Internal Blogs and External Blogs, and much more. Our trainers are patient, intuitive and happy to answer any other questions you may have.

ONLINE HELP CENTER: Updating your website is extremely easy. We have created an online help center to help you out with any quick questions that may come up. We have troubleshooting topics ranging from adding a new page, uploading and adding photos to a page, internal blogs, external blogs, and RSS feeds. We regulariy add and update content to the Help Center to ensure you have the tools to get the most out of your Webepreneur® Website.

LIFETIME HOSTING: As long as you are a Great Dog Breeder Website™ member, hosting is FREE!

AFFILIATE OPTIONS: Webepreneur® websites allow easy integration with Google AdSense, Amazon, eBay and several other affiliates. Now you can create an Affiliate account with one of these companies and have your website selling other people's products, putting a portion of the profits into your pocket!

INTERNAL BLOGS: Internal Blogs are a place to post all of the recent news surrounding your kennel. It is a built-in system that is easily update through your Webepreneur® administrator area.

EXTERNAL BLOGS: Now you can add content directly from other websites to your own! Webepreneur® allows you to add up 999 RSS feeds that display all kinds of content from other people's websites!

PRODUCTS: Upload and sell as many of your personal products as you want! With our Products function, your items can be separated out into categories, and then into their various product groups. You can also arrange them in any order so your most popular items are near the top. Products can easily be paid for through PayPal, with the money being deposited directly into your personal PayPal account.

CALENDAR: Keep website viewers up to date with important dates and events. The unique calendar system is easy to update and is conveniently  in the sidebar of every page on your website.

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