Finding Catchy Keywords and Search Terms | Great Dog Breeder Websites

Finding Catchy Keywords and Search Terms | Great Dog Breeder Websites

Finding Catchy Keywords and Search Terms

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Finding Catchy Keywords and Search Terms
by Brett Miller
       Someone is looking for you, but the problem is they don’t know you yet!

Your future business is going to be split into 2 groups: people who know you and people who don’t know you. Those who know you can find you easily and even the least optimized website can be found by someone typing in your buisiness name or domain name directly into their browser.

For those who don’t know you, the best way to bring prospects to your Small Business is through the internet, and the best way to get them via the internet is by using the right keywords. Knowing the right keywords to use in your Small Business website and blog is crucial to obtaining a high search engine ranking. If your website doesn’t have those key words or search terms in the title or the text on your website, you will not be found… period.

What are keywords?
Keywords are the words that best describe your business, services offered, and/or products offered. These are the words that people search for when they need what you have. For instance, if someone is looking for a plumber in Laguna Beach, California, they will search for “Plumber Laguna Beach CA,” or something like that. “Plumber Laguna Beach CA” are keywords.

How do you know which keywords to use?
Put yourself into the mind of the person sitting at their computer looking for what you offer. Chances are, those who don’t know you but need what you offer will be going online and typing into their favorite search engine a few key words and perhaps a city name to locate you. What are those terms?

Another strategy is to follow the lead of other successful websites by doing a Google search in your own category and see who is at the top. Go to their homepage, right-click anywhere on the home page. Then scroll down and click on View Source. A window will open on your screen. A few lines from the top, you’ll see a line that starts with the title “meta” or “meta name.” Now look for “keywords.” You’ll see the keywords used on the page. This is an easy and completely legitimate way to know what keywords are being used by high-traffic sites.

Using the same keywords as the top-ranked sites doesn’t guarantee a high ranking for your Small Business blog, of course, but it’s a good way to start educating yourself. Although these are good ways of learning how other businesses are directing traffic to their websites, the best way to find the right keywords is to choose an Internet Marketing expert to host your website and blog. A web system that offers Search Engine Optimization and keyword selection targeted to the specific prospects in your market will achieve a high ranking for your site without the expense of pay-per-click advertising that you see on the top or side of search engine results that say, “Sponsored.”

When you find a company that promises to Search Engine Optimize your website, make sure you know what you’re getting before you sign up for a hosting plan. Most hosts will submit your keywords to search engines, but not all will help optimize your site for keywords.

Are you tracking the key words people are already finding you with?
If not, you should sign up for a free account with either StatCounter or Google Analytics and place their few lines of supplied code on every page of your website. Then go in regularly to see how people are finding you now, if at all. If you’re several pages back from the first page, you may want to consider how to optimize your site more effectively for these desired key words

No one knows your business better than you do.
Keyword selection is part Internet science, but it’s also a product of experience and intuition. What word or phrase would you type into a search engine if you were looking for the type of service you provide? Brainstorm. Ask your friends. Experiment. The answers can help your Small Business blog and website to the top of the search results.
Brett Miller, the founder of HoopJumper WebSystems, is the creator of Webepreneur, an easy-to-use website building program for small business owners and individual service professionals who want to save money and time by building and editing their own search engine optimized Web 2.0 websites. If you’re a Small Business Owner and you want your websites to work for you, go to

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