Healthy Figures Gets a Healthy Boost to Business with a HoopJumper Website | Great Dog Breeder Websites

Healthy Figures Gets a Healthy Boost to Business with a HoopJumper Website | Great Dog Breeder Websites

Healthy Figures Gets a Healthy Boost to Business with a HoopJumper Website

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Healthy Figures Gets a Healthy Boost to Business with a HoopJumper Website
by Brett Miller

Orange County Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Megan BaileyMegan Bailey, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in Orange County, California never had a website before contracting HoopJumper® to set up a website for her company, Healthy Figures, Inc. 

"I knew I needed to get a website, but the whole idea was so complex and daunting to me," Megan said.  "I decided to use HoopJumper® because I felt I could trust Brett from the start. I knew that he had my best interest in mind and wanted to help me. I also really liked the fact that I would have access to make changes myself and the whole process was user friendly. That meant that I could update my website whenever I wanted."

Megan's website at was created using the Webepreneur® System ( Webepreneur® offers an easy-to-use webpage-building program for small business owners who want to save money and time by building and editing their own websites.

"I am blown away. I feel as if I am becoming a web master of my own website. I have never been more proud of myself and felt more confident in my ability to use technology. No longer do websites have to be another language."

 "As far as how easy the system is, on a scale of 1 ­to 10 the Webepreneur® System would get a 9 on ease of us from me," Megan states.  "It is pretty straightforward.  All it takes is doing it to understand it. I am no computer genius, so if I can use Webepreneur®, then anyone can."

Webepreneur Dashboard v.2.5 exclusively from HoopJumperHoopJumper® is announcing an even easier Dashboard (website control panel) for Webepreneur® that is being released in February 2008.  Webepreneur® clients can sign up for a free Webinar that is being held on February 5 at 9:30 am Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern.  Class size is limited so sign up early.  Individuals who may not currently have a Webepreneur® website, but may be interested, are welcome to sign up for a private tour of the system as well.  Please sign up for either program at

"HoopJumper® has taught me how to make money from my website with increasing sales, effectively using newsletters, and by enlisting affiliates.  I think having a website gives you credibility as well as gives you a place that you can tell people who you are and what you have to offer. I get random people contacting me all the time that I wouldn't have had if I didn't have a website."

Megan says, "I am very happy with my HoopJumper® Website.  HoopJumper® was fantastic to work with from day one.  Brett and the entire staff have gone above and beyond any expectations I would have had with any internet marketing company.  The HoopJumper team was very professional and patient with me, and are a BLAST to work with!"

With the release of Webepreneur
® 2.5 in February, HoopJumper® will be holding more teleclasses and sending out information to the Webepreneur® network on how to best use your site to get and maintain search engine ranking, how to make money with your site using affiliate plans and with increased sales, how to effectively use the built in blogging features of your Webepreneur® site and so much more.

"I use to see having a website as a technical hurdle I could not overcome.  Now, it's fun to have a website. It's like your little story about your business. It has taken my business to the next level." 

Megan has taken control over her internet marketing and it has paid off.   Isn't it time you, too, took control over your website.  Contact HoopJumper® for more information on Webepreneur® 2.5.

Brett Miller, the founder of HoopJumper WebSystems, is the creator of Webepreneur, an easy-to-use search engine optimized WebSystem designed specifically for Small Business Owners who want to be able to update their own swebsite themselves.  Check out the Webeprenuer WebSystem at or to see the other services offered.

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