How Small Business Owners Can Slash Marketing Costs Instantly | Great Dog Breeder Websites

How Small Business Owners Can Slash Marketing Costs Instantly | Great Dog Breeder Websites

How Small Business Owners Can Slash Marketing Costs Instantly

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How Small Business Owners Can Slash Marketing Costs Instantly
by Brett Miller
       Imagine if you could track each and every response that you receive from every ad that you placed, and that too, with pinpoint accuracy! You would know exactly which publication, ad, headline and offer, right down to the minutest of all details and even what made your client pick up the phone and contact you.

This would provide you with the ability to bring down your costs. Now, the best way to cut down on marketing costs is to stop spending on ads that don't really produce much and concentrate only on those ads that always bring the desired results. If you cut out each and every ad source that is not performing well, then you can actually boost your presence in all those publications and sources that generate more response.

This is called 'Massive Upside Leverage'. It basically means taking all the money that you are already spending and using it to produce a much greater response. The power and production potential of such a move is absolutely staggering. But everything depends on your ability to track a response and then to improve your strategy. If you are like most other brokers, then you may have already tried this technique. But, tracking can be very difficult.

For instance, you could be dealing with unrecorded calls or someone who takes the call but does not ask the caller what caused him to respond. No matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening, it happens over and over again. This situation can be quite frustrating. Being a Small Business Owner, your marketing dollars are precious. All you want to know is where and how your advertising money is best invested, but usually all you get in return is a vague hunch about what is working for you. It seems as though if you keep spending money, you know the phone will ring.

Print ad and direct mail campaigns are almost impossible to track, so why do you keep doing it? Most likely, it's because you've been doing it for years and it seems like it works. You can see your name in the paper or in the mail, and you think that it's a good way to brand yourself. No matter how much you're branding yourself, you’re probably not be bringing in the amount of leads and clients that you could with cheaper, smarter investments in marketing.

The Best way to Slash your Marketing Costs

If you knew exactly how many phone calls were generated from each ad, then you could probably trim the low-performing or marginal ad sources out of your advertising budget and concentrate more on factors of greater importance. There is no reason why you should toss your money into bottomless marketing strategies. Web analysis and web-presence is an easy and effortless way to make sure that your marketing money is well-spent. The costs of web-vertising and optimizing your website to make sure that leads will find you on-line are remarkably lower and much easier to track than print ads or direct mail will ever be.

Smart business planning is the first step to smart marketing strategies. Once you can see where all of your money is being spent, then you can see how much you can save with smarter moves, not more expensive ones.

A great tool for planning your next year is Coach Cheri's Business Planning Guide for Business Owners. This is a 14 part eCourse developed by Business Success Coach Cheri Alguire that will walk you through all of the steps to make next year a fruitful and smart year for your business. I recommend that you take a look at this winning system to get a jump start to a successful new year! For more information, go here
Brett Miller, the founder of HoopJumper WebSystems, is the creator of Webepreneur, an easy-to-use search engine optimized WebSystem designed specifically for Small Business Owners who want to market themselves effectively and intelligently. If you're a Small Business Owner and you want make your marketing dollars well-spent, go to or to see the other services offered.

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