Poodle Calendar 2009 | Great Dog Breeder Websites

Poodle Calendar 2009 | Great Dog Breeder Websites
Poodle Calendar 2009
Poodle Wall Calendar: The humorous photos in this wall calendar feature Artlist International's famous Fish-eye style, which captures and enhances the dogs' lively expressions to the fullest. Every calendar is printed on thick, high-quality paper.
Poodle Calendar 2009

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  • Puppy and Kitty Olympics
  •       We love to find animal shelters where the staff has found creative ways to draw public attention and market their furry little products. Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control in North Carolina is posting coverage of winter Olympic events on YouTube with adoptable puppies and kittens performi ...»
  • 23-dog patrol guards China’s Forbidden City
  •       Jason Lee/Reuters As China celebrates the Year of the Dog, hundreds of millions of Chinese are returning to their hometowns to spend the week-long holiday with their families. But for the 23 dogs and handlers that guard China's famous Forbidden City in the center of Beijing, there will be no hol ...»
  • Sadly nobody showed up to read to Sting
  •       Twice a month, Sting, a 10-yeat-old retired Greyhound, visits a Minnesota library to be read to by young kids as part of a program called Paws to Read. He's participated for the last two years. It gives kids a chance to improve their reading skills in a fun and non threatening way by reading to ...»
  • Drink a beer, adopt a pup
  •       Fido's Facebook Fido's Taproom in Portland is the world's first dog taphouse, according to its owner Scott Porter. It's part beer hall, part dog adoption center. He got the idea three years ago when he visited a cat cafe. On one side Fido's is a family oriented drinking hall with win ...»
  • Harley the Lab is a very special agent  
  •       Photo Sara Castellanos WSJ A lot of high-level government officials attended the International Conference on Cyber Security, hosted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Fordham University, But one FBI staffer stole the show with her shiny yellow coat and wet nose. Harley demonstrated how dogs ...»
  • Woman adopts a dog that looks like her childhood dog…and guess what…
  •       A 21-year-old Pennsylvania woman, Nicole Grimes, got a puppy she named Chloe when she was 10 years old. Four years later her dad got a job working from home which involved a lot of time on the telephone. Chloe, a Poodle mix, constantly barked at everything in her zip code. So her parents took the do ...»
  • Michigan dog qualifies for unemployment funds
  •       Photo by JamesPreston We all know that dogs have a variety of important jobs, but one dog in Michigan got a letter saying he qualifies for $360 per week in unemployment funds. The dog named Ryder, who lives with his owner Michael Haddock and family in Saugatuck, Michigan, received a letter from the ...»
  • Ruger the Bloodhound gives new meaning to the words “Lucky dog”
  •       A Placer County, California sheriff's deputy and an off-duty Highway Patrol officer were credited with saving the life of a dog that was struck by a car and pinned beneath the vehicle on Interstate 80. Deputy Stan Semenuk, a sheriff's K-9 handler, saw a Bloodhound run across the eastbound lanes of t ...»
  • An open letter to AT&T
  •       Dear AT&T: Here's an idea. Stop treating your internet customers like steaming piles of mindless doggie doodoo, hire native English-speaking tech support workers, and you can save a lot of the millions you are now spending on marketing. Just a thought. Sincerely, A customer ...»
  • January Golden Poodle awards
  •       The Golden Poodle award goes to Casper the Poodle who saves his diabetic owner's life daily (and nightly) by warning her when she's about to have a hypoglycemic attack. The Lizard brain award goes to the man, Justin Santagati,who seems to live life in a lizard brain mode. After fleeing police he bit ...»
  • Preston the therapy dog comforts Nassar victims
  •       Preston, a 2-year-old Labrador retriever, sits outside a Michigan courtroom where over 100 women and girls have testified against super sleazeball Dr. Larry Nassar, 54, former Michigan State University and Olympic gymnastics team doctor. Normally Preston would be next to victims of child sexual abus ...»
  • Man bites dog
  •       There is a saying in journalism that if a dog bites a man, that isn't a story, but if a man bites a dog that is a story. This is a story. It all started Boscawen, New Hampshire when police were called to a home where they were told someone had been shot. Two people at the home who were wanted on out ...»